Tours are operated and conducted by local Barbudans and the prices are subject to change without notice.

One third of Barbuda is a national preserve primarily for the incredible frigate birds. The boat tour of this preserve will show even the most skeptical, the largest assembly of the unique frigate birds, unchanged since pre-historic times.

US$160 USD

Duration – Approximately 3 Hours

On our way to the Darby Cave, (approximately a 35 minute walk) we will visit the Codrington Ruins, otherwise known as “Willy-Bob”, where we will find land turtles, deer, guinea hen and other birds. The Darby Cave , better known as The Sink Hole, is a great wonder of the Caribbean located on the northern side of the island. Some 400ft long and 85ft deep, it is known for its lush vegetation and self contained eco-system. As you climb down, you will discover the water falling from above called The Silaga, and a variety of birds and fauna, enjoying this unknown paradise.

$160 USD

Duration – Approximately 4 hours

Located on the north-eastern side of the island, otherwise known as Highlands , this 108 feet high hill offers breathtaking views of the ocean. The caves at Two Foot Bay range from small crawl-in holes to huge cavernous areas complete with stalactites and stalagmites and many fossils. After visiting the caves enjoy a stroll on the white sandy beach.


Duration – Approximately 2 hours

Dark Cave is two miles to the south of Darby Cave . The cave has a narrow entrance leading to a vast cavern containing pools of water, which were probably a water source for Amerindian inhabitants as a variety of artifacts have been found nearby. Dark Cave is the habitat for several rare species of crustaceans, including blind shrimp.

Cost - Approximately $180 USD

Duration – Approximately 3 hours

A tour of as much of Barbuda as we can bundle in! Spanish Point, Two Feet Bay, Codrington Village and surrounding Schools, Churches and landmarks, The Lagoon and Martello Tower – and that's just a starter!

$190 USD

Duration – Approximately 3 hours

A tour to various points of interest on the Island of Barbuda by boat.

$210 USD

Duration – Approximately 3 hours

Snorkeling by boat to North Beach, Spanish Point White Bay or offshore .

$150 USD

Duration – Approximately 3 hours

Take a trip to the beautiful Access Beach and enjoy a picnic – The Beach House Style! Our driver will drop you off and set up your beach loungers and umbrellas. You will have a picnic packed by your Service Ambassador to enjoy at your leisure, then when you've had enough fun we will come and pick you up.

From $80 USD (per couple)

Surf casting off our beach - N/C

Bone fishing or Tarpon fishing in the saltwater lagoon or offshore with a guide in a 'local open skiff' with equipment and bait provided.

Approximately - $210 USD for 3 Hours

$50 USD per hour (per horse)